[gpfsug-discuss] Mapping GPFS v5 Windows client to same UID...?

Henrik Cednert (Filmlance) henrik.cednert at filmlance.se
Tue Feb 5 09:47:39 GMT 2019


Odd. Apparently i have issues posting to the list again. Sorry if this comes in double.

I’ve read a bit about this on the net but can’t wrap my tiny little brain around it.

We have a bunch of windows 7 and 2012r2 clients that ran v4 previously. After a system/server upgrade of the DDN Mediascaler to we had to upgrade those clients to v5 so that they're compatible. In addition to that a new v5 windows 10 client was deployed.

The old windows 7 and 2012r2 clients writes to the system with the same UID, 15000000, but unique GID. The new client has its UID set to 12000270 and an unique GID. This cases all sorts of painful verbal and non verblam symptoms.

Funny thing is that a newly added 2012r2 windows client has UID 15000000, so it’s just the windows 10 client that messes with me. All have been installed with same installers and same procedures.

Since all the others can write with same UID this new windows 10 one for sure has to be able to do it as well. Or? Can someone please point me in the right direction here?

Yes, I know an AD is best practice. But not possible at the moment so I’d just like to restore the same functionality that we had before upgrade.

Cheers and thanks.

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