[gpfsug-discuss] CES Ganesha netgroup caching?

Dietrich, Stefan stefan.dietrich at desy.de
Thu Feb 28 07:56:56 GMT 2019


I am currently playing around with LDAP netgroups for NFS exports via CES.
However, I could not figure out how long Ganesha is caching the netgroup entries?

There is definitely some caching, as adding a host to the netgroup does not immediately grant access to the share.
A "getent netgroup <netgroup>" on the CES node returns the correct result, so this is not some other caching effect.

Resetting the cache via "ganesha_mgr purge netgroup" works, but is probably not officially supported.

The CES nodes are running with GPFS and gpfs.nfs-ganesha-2.5.3-ibm030.01.el7.
CES authentication is set to user-defined, the nodes just use SSSD with a rfc2307bis LDAP server.


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