[gpfsug-discuss] Fileheat - does work! Complete test/example provided here.

Marc A Kaplan makaplan at us.ibm.com
Tue Aug 13 14:32:53 BST 2019

Yes, you are correct.  It should only be necessary to set
fileHeatPeriodMinutes, since the loss percent does have a default value.
But IIRC (I implemented part of this!) you must restart the daemon to get
those fileheat parameter(s) "loaded"and initialized into the daemon

Not fully trusting my memory... I will now "prove" this works today as

To test, create and re-read a large file with dd...

[root@/main/gpfs-git]$mmchconfig fileHeatPeriodMinutes=60
mmchconfig: Command successfully completed
[root@/main/gpfs-git]$mmlsconfig | grep -i heat
fileHeatPeriodMinutes 60

[root@/main/gpfs-git]$mmmount c23
[root@/main/gpfs-git]$ls -l /c23/10g
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 10737418240 May 16 15:09 /c23/10g

[root@/main/gpfs-git]$mmlsattr -d -X /c23/10g
file name:            /c23/10g

(NO fileheat attribute yet...)

[root@/main/gpfs-git]$dd if=/c23/10g bs=1M of=/dev/null
After the command finishes, you may need to wait a while for the metadata
to flush to the inode on disk ... or you can force that with an unmount or
a mmfsctl...

Then the fileheat attribute will appear (I just waited by answering another
email... No need to do any explicit operations on the file system..)

[root@/main/gpfs-git]$mmlsattr -d -X /c23/10g
file name:            /c23/10g

To see its hex string value:

[root@/main/gpfs-git]$mmlsattr -d -X -L /c23/10g
file name:            /c23/10g
gpfs.FileHeat:        0x000000EE42A40400

Which will be interpreted by mmapplypolicy...

YES, the interpretation is relative to last access time and current time,
and done by a policy/sql function "computeFileHeat"
(You could find this using m4 directives in your policy file...)


Well gone that far, might as well try mmapplypolicy too....

[root@/main/gpfs-git]$cat /gh/policies/fileheat.policy
define(DISPLAY_NULL,[CASE WHEN ($1) IS NULL THEN '_NULL_' ELSE varchar($1)

rule fh1 external list 'fh' exec ''
rule fh2 list 'fh' weight(FILE_HEAT) show(DISPLAY_NULL(xattr_integer
('gpfs.FileHeat',1,4,'B')) || ' ' ||
DISPLAY_NULL(xattr_integer('gpfs.FileHeat',5,2,'B')) || ' ' ||
DISPLAY_NULL(xattr_integer('gpfs.FileHeat',7,2,'B')) || ' ' ||
DISPLAY_NULL(hex(xattr('gpfs.FileHeat'))) || ' ' ||
getmmconfig('fileHeatPeriodMinutes') || ' ' ||
getmmconfig('fileHeatLossPercent') || ' ' ||
getmmconfig('clusterName') )

[root@/main/gpfs-git]$mmapplypolicy /c23 --maxdepth 1
-P /gh/policies/fileheat.policy -I test -L 3
<1> /c23/10g     RULE 'fh2' LIST 'fh' WEIGHT(0.022363) SHOW( 238 17060 1024
+2.23632812500000E-002 000000EE42A40400 60 10 makaplan.sl.cloud9.ibm.com)
WEIGHT(0.022363) LIST 'fh' /c23/10g SHOW(238 17060 1024
+2.23632812500000E-002 000000EE42A40400 60 10 makaplan.sl.cloud9.ibm.com)

From:	Jan-Frode Myklebust <janfrode at tanso.net>
To:	gpfsug main discussion list <gpfsug-discuss at spectrumscale.org>
Date:	08/13/2019 06:22 AM
Subject:	[EXTERNAL] Re: [gpfsug-discuss] Fileheat
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What about filesystem atime updates. We recently changed the default to
«relatime». Could that maybe influence heat tracking?


tir. 13. aug. 2019 kl. 11:29 skrev Ulrich Sibiller <
u.sibiller at science-computing.de>:
  On 12.08.19 15:38, Marc A Kaplan wrote:
  > My Admin guide says:
  > The loss percentage and period are set via the configuration
  > variables *fileHeatLossPercent *and *fileHeatPeriodMinutes*. By
  default, the file access temperature
  > is not
  > tracked. To use access temperature in policy, the tracking must first
  be enabled. To do this, set
  > the two
  > configuration variables as follows:*

  Yes, I am aware of that.

  > fileHeatLossPercent*
  > The percentage (between 0 and 100) of file access temperature
  dissipated over the*
  > fileHeatPeriodMinutes *time. The default value is 10.
  > Chapter 25. Information lifecycle management for IBM Spectrum Scale
  > fileHeatPeriodMinutes*
  > The number of minutes defined for the recalculation of file access
  temperature. To turn on
  > tracking, *fileHeatPeriodMinutes *must be set to a nonzero value. The
  default value is 0
  > SO Try setting both!

  Well, I have not because the documentation explicitly mentions a default.
  What's the point of a
  default if I have to explicitly configure it?

  > ALSO to take effect you may have to mmshutdown and mmstartup, at least
  on the (client gpfs) nodes
  > that are accessing the files of interest.

  I have now configured both parameters and restarted GPFS. Ran a tar over
  a directory - still no
  change. I will wait for 720minutes and retry (tomorrow).



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