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Marc A Kaplan makaplan at us.ibm.com
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My Admin guide says:

The loss percentage and period are set via the configuration
variables fileHeatLossPercent and fileHeatPeriodMinutes. By default, the
file access temperature is not
tracked. To use access temperature in policy, the tracking must first be
enabled. To do this, set the two
configuration variables as follows:
The percentage (between 0 and 100) of file access temperature dissipated
over the
fileHeatPeriodMinutes time. The default value is 10.
Chapter 25. Information lifecycle management for IBM Spectrum Scale 361
The number of minutes defined for the recalculation of file access
temperature. To turn on
tracking, fileHeatPeriodMinutes must be set to a nonzero value. The default
value is 0

SO Try setting both!

ALSO to take effect you may have to mmshutdown and mmstartup, at least on
the (client gpfs) nodes that are accessing the files of interest.

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I am having difficulties with Spectrum Scale's fileheat feature on Spectrum
Scale 5.0.2/5.0.3:

The config has it activated:

# mmlsconfig | grep fileHeat
fileHeatPeriodMinutes 720

Now everytime I look at the files using mmapplypolicy I only see 0 for the
fileheat. I have both
tried reading files via nfs and locally. No difference, the fileheat always
stays at zero.

What could be wrong here? How to debug?

We are exporting the filesystem using kernel NFS which is working fine.
However, the documentation
states that root access is not taken into account for fileheat, so I am
wondering if that setup is
supposed to work at all?



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