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Lehmann, Greg (IM&T, Pullenvale) Greg.Lehmann at csiro.au
Thu Apr 4 08:56:07 BST 2019

It’s worth a shot. We have one for Australian HPC sysadmins that seems quite popular (with its own GPFS channel.) There is also a SigHPC slack for a more international flavour that came a bit later. People tend to use it for p2p comms when at conferences as well.

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We’ve been pondering for a while (quite a long while actually!) adding a slack workspace for the user group. That’s not to say I want to divert traffic from the mailing list, but maybe it will be useful for some people.

Please don’t feel compelled to join the slack workspace, but if you want to join, then there’s a link on:
to get an invite.

I know there are a lot of IBM people on the mailing list, and they often reply off-list to member posts (which I appreciate!), so please still use the mailing list for questions, but maybe there are some discussions that will work better on slack …


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