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Marc A Kaplan makaplan at us.ibm.com
Mon Dec 17 15:47:18 GMT 2018

Look in gps.h.... I think the comment for acl_buffer_len is clear enough! 

/* Mapping of buffer for gpfs_getacl, gpfs_putacl. */
typedef struct gpfs_opaque_acl
  int            acl_buffer_len;  /* INPUT:  Total size of buffer 
(including this field).
                                     OUTPUT: Actual size of the ACL 
information.  */
  unsigned short acl_version;     /* INPUT:  Set to zero.
                                     OUTPUT: Current version of the 
returned ACL. */
  unsigned char  acl_type;        /* INPUT:  Type of ACL: access (1) or 
default (2). */
  char           acl_var_data[1]; /* OUTPUT: Remainder of the ACL 
information. */
} gpfs_opaque_acl_t;

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This is all probably perfectly clear to someone with the GPFS source code 
but … we’re looking at writing some code using the API documented at:
Specifically gpfs_getacl() function, in the docs you pass acl, and the 
notes say “Pointer to a buffer mapped by the structure gpfs_opaque_acl_t 
or gpfs_acl_t, depending on the value of flags. The first four bytes of 
the buffer must contain its total size.”. Reading the docs for 
gpfs_opaque_acl_t, this is a struct of which the first element is an int. 
Is this the same 4 bytes referred to as above containing the size, and is 
this the size of the struct, of of the acl_var_data entry?
It strikes me is should probably be the length of acl_var_data, but it is 
not entirely clear?
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