[gpfsug-discuss] PMSensors 5.0.2 vs PMCollector 4.2.3

Dorigo Alvise (PSI) alvise.dorigo at psi.ch
Thu Dec 6 09:22:48 GMT 2018

Good morning,
I wonder if pmsensors 5.x is supported with a 4.2.3 collector.

Since I've upgraded a couple of nodes (afm gateways) to GPFS 5, while the rest of the cluster is still running 4.2.3-7 (including the collector), I haven't got anymore metrics from the upgraded nodes.

Further, I do not see any error in /var/log/zimon/ZIMonSensors.log neither in /var/log/zimon/ZIMonCollector.log

Does anybody has any idea ?


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