[gpfsug-discuss] GPFS for DBs..MySQL, PGSQL, etc; How about VMware?

Dean Hildebrand dhildeb at us.ibm.com
Thu Sep 3 22:32:20 BST 2015

Hi Zachary,

VMWare via NFS to GPFS is a great option as several new features have been
added to GPFS to support VM workloads over the last couple years, including
file-grained dirty bits (FGDB) for tracking updates at 4KB granularity and
HAWC for buffering small synchronous writes in fast storage.

Dean Hildebrand
IBM Almaden Research Center

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Subject:	[gpfsug-discuss] GPFS for DBs..MySQL, PGSQL, etc; How about
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Hello Everyone,

Medium-time user of GPFS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc here..  Decent sized
system in production, hundreds of nodes, lots of tuning etc. Not a
newb. :)
Looking for opinions on running database engines backed by GPFS.
Has anyone run any backed by GPFS and what did you think about it?

I realize there are tuning guides and guide-lines for running
different DBs on different file systems, but there seems to be a lack
of best-practices for doing so on GPFS.

For example, usually you don't run DBs backed by NFS due to locking,
cacheing etc.. You can tune those out with sync, hard, etc, but, still
the best practice is to use a local file system.
As GPFS is hybrid, and used for many apps that do have hard
requirements such as Cinder block storage, science apps, etc, and has
proper byte-level locking.. it seems like it would be semi-equal to a
lock file system.

Does anyone have any opinions, experiences, or recommendations for
running DBs backed by GPFS?
Also will accept horror stories, gotcha's, and "dont do it's". :)

On that same note...
How about VMware?
Obviously I guess really the only way would be via NFS export.. which
cNFS was .. not the best at (my opinion). Maybe Protocol Servers are
better? Maybe also a "don't do it"?


Zach Giles
zgiles at gmail.com
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