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Josh Cullum josh.cullum at cfms.org.uk
Thu Sep 10 12:34:16 BST 2015

Hi All,

We're looking into 4.1.1 (finally got it setup) so that we can start to
plan our integration and update of our existing GPFS systems, and we are
looking to do something in line with the following.

Our current setup looks something like this: (Running GPFS 3.4)

mmlsfileset prgpfs
Filesets in file system 'prgpfs':
Name                     Status    Path
root                     Linked    /gpfs
services                 Linked    /gpfs/services
cfms                     Linked    /gpfs/cfms

where the fileset has a quota and nothing in that fileset can grow above
it. The filesets contain a home directory, a working directory and an apps
directory, all controlled by a particular unix(AD) group.

In our new GPFS cluster, we would like to be able to create a fileset for
each home directory within each organisation directory, for example the
structure looks like the below:

Filesets in file system 'prgpfs':
Name                     Status    Path
root                     Linked    /gpfs
services                 Linked    /gpfs/services
cfms                     Linked    /gpfs/cfms
apps                     Linked    /gpfs/apps
cfms-home           Linked   /gpfs/cfms/home

where the organisation fileset has a 10TB fileset quota, for working
directory and an apps directory. The organisation-home has then got a quota
of 500GB per user.

I think this is all possible within 4.1.1 from reading the documentation,
where a user's quota only applies to a particular fileset (using the
mmdefedquota -u prgpfs:organisation-home command) and so does not affect
the /gpfs/organisation working dir and apps dir. Can anyone confirm this?

We would like to then use default quota's so that every organisation-home
fileset has the 500GB per user rule applied. Does anyone know if it
possible to wildcard the gpfs quota rule so it applies to all filesets with
"-home" in the name?

Kind Regards,

Josh Cullum

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