[gpfsug-discuss] Independent Inode Space Limit

Scott Fadden sfadden at us.ibm.com
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GPFS limits the max inodes based on metadata space. Add more metadata space
and you should be able to add more inodes.

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>When creating an independent inode space, I see the valid range for the
>number of inodes is between 1024 and 4294967294.
>Is the ~4.2billion upper limit something that can be increased in the
>I also see that the first 1024 inodes are immediately allocated upon
>creation. I assume these are allocated to internal data structures and
>are a copy of a subset of the first 4038 inodes allocated for new file
>systems? It would be useful to know if these internal structures are
>fixed for independent filesets and if they are not, what factors
>determine their layout (for performance purposes).

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Anyone from IBM know?



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