[gpfsug-discuss] Quotas, replication and hsm

Simon Thompson (Research Computing - IT Services) S.J.Thompson at bham.ac.uk
Tue Oct 27 17:28:00 GMT 2015


If we have replication enabled on a file, does the size from ls -l or du return the actual file size, or the replicated file size (I.e. Twice the actual size)?.

>From experimentation, it appears to be double the actual size, I.e. Taking into account replication of 2.

This appears to mean that quotas have to be double what we actually want to take account of the replication factor.

Is this correct?

Second part of the question. If a file is transferred to tape (or compressed maybe as well), does the file still count against quota, and how much for? As on hsm tape its no longer copies=2. Same for a compressed file, does the compressed file count as the original or compressed size against quota? I.e. Could a user accessing a compressed file suddenly go over quota by accessing the file?



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