[gpfsug-discuss] mmunlinkfileset problems

Luke Raimbach luke.raimbach at oerc.ox.ac.uk
Fri Mar 27 13:27:20 GMT 2015

> > Is there any reason why unlinking a fileset would take this long?
> > Also, I can't find anywhere a list of commands which might require the
> > FS to quiesce - is this information available somewhere?
> >
> Deleting snapshots, at least in the past. It might be that guidance from IBM
> has changed but once you have been stung by this you kind of thing you
> don't like to try it again any time soon.

Precisely why I'm after a list of commands that might require quiescence! I know that snapshot operations (generally) and deleting filesets require a consistent view so will pause IO, but unlinking (in my mind) wouldn't need this...

I'd probably want to generate lists of 'cleanup' commands that might interrupt IO and run these in maintenance windows as you say. Gather up all the filesets that want deleting and do them once a week / whenever.


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