[gpfsug-discuss] GPFS file system won't mount automatically anymore.

Dan Foster Dan.Foster at bristol.ac.uk
Mon Mar 23 08:43:33 GMT 2015

Hi Richard,

On 20 March 2015 at 20:32, Richard Lefebvre
<richard.lefebvre at calculquebec.ca> wrote:
> One command I'm also looking for is a command to list which nsd server is
> used for a particular nsd. I have a redundant config for which 2 servers can
> access the same nsd. But I think that for some of them, the default server
> is not used and the load of the servers is not distributed as wanted.

Does the '-M' option to mmlsdisk provide the information you're
looking for? i.e. from the man page:

Displays whether I/O requests to the disk are satisfied on the local
node, or using an NSD server. If the I/O is done using an NSD  server,
 shows  the  NSD server name and the underlying disk name on that
server node.

It should display something similar to the following:

Disk name     IO performed on node     Device             Availability
------------  -----------------------  -----------------  ------------
nsd1          localhost                /dev/disk1       up
nsd2          node01.example.com       /dev/disk2       up
nsd3          localhost                /dev/disk3       up


> 2015-03-20 15:24 GMT-04:00 Marc A Kaplan <makaplan at us.ibm.com>:
>> Look in /var/adm/ras/mmfs.log.* -- on a node that should be mounting the
>> filesystem   -- find a file that covers the time when GPFS is starting up
>> and should be mounting the filesystem.
>> Look for clues and/or error messages.   If you are not familiar, you may
>> also want to look at what messages are issued when everything is working
>> just right.
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