[gpfsug-discuss] Fragmented Inode Space and Performance of Policy Scans

Marc A Kaplan makaplan at us.ibm.com
Fri Mar 20 12:10:34 GMT 2015

Seems to me that's why this option has two parameters:

mmchfileset ... [--inode-limit MaxNumInodes[:NumInodesToPreallocate]]

Specifies the new inode limit for the inode space owned by the specified 
fileset. The FilesetName or
JunctionPath must refer to an independent fileset. The 
NumInodesToPreallocate specifies an optional
number of additional inodes to pre-allocate for the inode space. Use the 
mmchfs command to change
inode limits for the root fileset.

See also mmchfs!  And RTFM!  ( ReadTheFantasicManual )
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