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Wahl, Edward ewahl at osc.edu
Thu Jul 9 15:56:42 BST 2015

Please please please please PLEASE tell me that support for RHEL 6 is in the plan for protocol nodes.
Forcing us to 7 seems rather VERY premature.

been out sick a week so I just saw this, FYI.  I'd sell my co-workers to test out protocol nodes, but frankly NOT on RHEL 7.   Definitely NOT an HPC ready release. ugh.

Ed Wahl

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Hi Simon

I was part of a beta program for GPFS (ok, better start saying Spectrum Scale!) 4.1.1, so I've had some experience with the toolkit that installs the protocol nodes. The new protocol nodes MUST be RH7, so it's going to be a bit more of an involved process to migrate to this level than in the past. The GPFS server nodes/client nodes can remain at RH6 is needed.

Overall it works pretty well. You do have the option of doing things manually as well. The guide that describes it is pretty good. If you want to discuss the process in detail, I'd be happy to do so - a bit too much to cover over a mailing list.

Bob Oesterlin
Sr Storage Engineer, Nuance Communications
robert.oesterlin at nuance.com<mailto:robert.oesterlin at nuance.com>

On Thu, Jul 2, 2015 at 10:43 AM, Simon Thompson (Research Computing - IT Services) <S.J.Thompson at bham.ac.uk<mailto:S.J.Thompson at bham.ac.uk>> wrote:

Just wondering if anyone has looked at the new protocol support stuff in 4.1.1 yet?

>From what I can see, it wants to use the installer to add things like IBM Samba onto nodes in the cluster. The docs online seem to list manual installation as running the chef template, which is hardly manual...

1. Id like to know what is being run on my cluster
2. Its an existing install which was using sernet samba, so I don't want to go out and break anything inadvertently
3. My protocol nodes are in a multicluster, and I understand the installer doesn't support multicluster.

(the docs state that multicluster isn't supported but something like its expected to work).

So... Has anyone had a go at this yet and have a set of steps?

I've started unpicking the chef recipe, but just wondering if anyone had already had a go at this?

(and lets not start on the mildy bemusing error when you "enable" the service with "mmces service enable" (ces service not enabled) - there's other stuff to enable it)...

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