[gpfsug-discuss] GPFS 4.1.1 without QoS for mmrestripefs?

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Yes I agree, but “using –N” to reduce the load helps not really. If I use NFS, for example, as a ESX data store, ESX I/O latency for NFS goes very high, the VM’s hangs. By the way I use SSD PCIe cards, perfect “mirror speed” but slow I/O on NFS.
The GPFS cluster concept I use are  different than GSS or traditional FC (shared storage). I use shared nothing with IB (no FPO), many GPFS nodes with NSD’s. I know the need to resync  the FS with mmchdisk / mmrestripe will happen more often. The only one feature will help is QoS for the GPFS admin jobs. I hope we are not fare away from this.


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as you know, we can't discuss future / confidential items on a mailing list.
what i presented as an outlook to future releases hasn't changed from a technical standpoint, we just can't share a release date until we announce it official.
there are multiple ways today to limit the impact on restripe and other tasks, the best way to do this is to run the task ( using -N) on a node (or very small number of nodes) that has no performance critical role. while this is not perfect, it should limit the impact significantly. .


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Years ago, IBM made some plan to do a implementation “QoS for mmrestripefs, mmdeldisk…”. If a “mmfsrestripe” is running, very poor performance for NFS access.
I opened a PMR to ask for QoS in version 4.1.1 (Spectrum Scale).

PMR 61309,113,848:
I discussed the question of QOS with the development team. These
command changes that were noticed are not meant to be used as GA code
which is why they are not documented. I cannot provide any further
information from the support perspective.

Anybody knows about QoS? The last hope was at “GPFS Workshop Stuttgart März 2015” with Sven Oehme as speaker.

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