[gpfsug-discuss] GPFS UG in 2015

Jez Tucker (Chair) chair at gpfsug.org
Wed Jan 21 16:00:13 GMT 2015

Hello everyone

   The first of a few official posts for 2015.


We have an even more improved relationship with the IBM GPFS team in 
2015 than 2014.

IBM have directly engaged with us at the highest level and we're working 
together to be able to bring you better news, features and technical 
insight to GPFS - in addition to organising the next User Group.

With that in mind, here's a few things that will be occurring this year:

*User Group Meeting*

The date for this is in the process of being finalised right now.
It is likely to be April / May.
We will update you as soon as we have a definitive.

'Meet the Devs Coffee Shop'

*The IBM devs would love to speak face to face with you all.

So we thought, what better way to do that than in small groups over 
coffee and pizza?
The aim will be to have small meetings with bunches of geographically 
similar users on a regular basis.

The first ('tester') will be _Wednesday 18th Feb_ in London and I'll 
send out a formal invite email shortly.

For those of you further afield, we intend to come to you (yes! Orlando 
in Edinburgh) and hopefully even EMEA / Worldwide if possible.

These small groups will be ideal situations for IBM devs to show you new 
features, what they're working on and solicit feedback from experienced 
GPFS users/admins.

Oh and the Pizza.

*Website revamp*  (yes, another..)

I'm in the process of moving all the content over to Ghost. 
We'll flip the site over at some point this week.

Shortly you'll see our first blog contribution from IBM dev.

/What would topics would you like covered? / Let the group know.

Also if anyone (member, dev, tech, etc.) would like to contribute 
technical blog posts regarding GPFS or related softwares/technologies, 
then let me know and we'll set you up an account.

All the best,

Jez (Chair) and Claire (Secretary)

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