[gpfsug-discuss] systemd

Jez Tucker (Chair) chair at gpfsug.org
Thu Feb 12 09:04:05 GMT 2015

I don't have one to hand, however, perhaps these links help.


By all means share your efforts on the UG github.


On 10/02/15 15:17, Simon Thompson (Research Computing - IT Services) wrote:
> Does any one have a systemd manifest for GPFS which they would share?
> As RedHat EL 7 is now using systemd and Ubuntu is now supported with 4.1p5, it seems sensible for GPFS to have systemd support.
> We're testing some services running off gpfs and it would be useful to have a manifest so we can make the services dependent on gpfs being up before they start.
> Or any suggestions on making systemd services dependent on a SysV script?
> Thanks
> Simon
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