[gpfsug-discuss] file system format version / software version compatibility matrix

James Davis jamiedavis at us.ibm.com
Wed Apr 29 13:43:08 BST 2015


A "new" GPFS should be able to mount and interact with file systems with
"old" versions. Specifically I do not believe you will have trouble getting
GPFS 3.5 to talk to an FS created on GPFS

The "Concepts, planning, and install guide" provides information about
migrating to GPFS 4.1 from GPFS 3.2 or earlier; this would implies file
systems created at GPFS 3.2 being supported on GPFS 4.1, which is even more
compatibility than you are asking about. The section to which I refer is
titled "Migrating to GPFS 4.1 from GPFS 3.2 or earlier releases of GPFS".

Note that without running mmchfs -V {full|compat} you will not have access
to some of the newer GPFS features. See the section titled "Completing the
migration to a new level of GPFS", also in the concepts guide.

Hope this helps,


Jamie Davis
GPFS Functional Verification Test (FVT)
jamiedavis at us.ibm.com

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Hi All,

I'm trying to determine which versions of the GPFS file system format
are compatible with certain versions of the GPFS software.
Specifically in this instance I'm interested if file system format
v11.05 (from GPFS is compatible with GPFS 3.5 .

The "File system format changes between versions of GPFS" [1] chapter
mentions format levels as old a v6, which infers that they are
compatible. But it would be useful to know for certain.



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