[gpfsug-discuss] Monitoring capacity and health status for a multitude of GPFS clusters

Christian Bolik BOLIK at de.ibm.com
Mon Apr 13 14:11:01 BST 2015

Hi Zach,

I'm not aware of any intent to make TPC or any other Tivoli/IBM product a
prereq for GPFS, and I don't think any such plans exist.  Rather, as Dean
also pointed out, we're investing work to improve integration of
GPFS/Spectrum Scale into other products being members of the newly
announced IBM Spectrum Storage family, with the goal of improving
manageability of the individual components (rather than worsening it...).


> Christian:
> Interesting and thanks for the latest news.
> May I ask: Is there an intent moving forward that TPC and / or other
> products will be a required part of GPFS?
> The concern I have is that GPFS is pretty straightforward at the moment
> has very logical requirements to operate (min servers, quorum, etc),
> whereas there are many IBM products that require two or three more
> just to manage the servers managing the service.. too much. It would be
> nice to make sure, going forward, that the core of GPFS can still
> without additional web servers, Java, a suite of middleware, and a
> of DB2 instance .. :)
> -Zach

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