[gpfsug-discuss] gpfs performance monitoring

Ed Wahl ewahl at osc.edu
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Another known issue with slow "ls" can be the annoyance that is 'sssd' under newer OSs (rhel 6) and properly configuring this for remote auth.  I know on my nsd's I never did and the first ls in a directory where the cache is expired takes forever to make all the remote LDAP calls to get the UID info. bleh.


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> , any "ls" could take ages.

Check if you large directories either with many files or simply large.
Verify if you have NFS exported GPFS.
Verify that your cache settings on the clients are large enough ( maxStatCache , maxFilesToCache , sharedMemLimit )
Verify that you have dedicated metadata luns ( metadataOnly )


If possible monitor your metadata luns on the storage directly.


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