[gpfsug-discuss] Gathering node/fs statistics ?

Bob Oesterlin oester at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 20:29:05 GMT 2014

You might want to look at Arxview, www.arxscan.com. I've been working with
them and they have good GPFS and Storage  monitoring based on mmpmon.
Lightweight too.

Bob Oesterlin
Nuance Communications

On Friday, November 21, 2014, Jan-Frode Myklebust <janfrode at tanso.net>

> I'm considering writing a Performance CoPilot agent (PMDA, Performance
> Metrics Domain Agent) for GPFS, and would like to collect all/most of
> the metrics that are already available in the gpfs SNMP agent -- ideally
> without using SNMP..
> So, could someone help me with where to find GPFS performance data? I've
> noticed "mmfsadm" has a "resetstats" option, but what are these stats /
> where can I find them? All in mmpmon?
> Also the GPFS-MIB.txt seems to point at some commands I'm unfamiliar
> with:
>         -- all other node data from EE "get nodes" command
>         -- Status info from EE "get fs -b" command
>         -- Performance data from mmpmon "gfis" command
>         -- Storage pool table comes from EE "get pools" command
>         -- Storage pool data comes from SDR and EE "get pools" command
>         -- Disk data from EE "get fs" command
>         -- Disk performance data from mmpmon "ds" command:
>         -- From mmpmon nc:
> Any idea what 'EE "get nodes"' is? And what do they mean by 'mmpmon
> "gfis"', "nc" or "ds"? These commands doesn't work when fed to mmpmon..
>    -jf
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