[gpfsug-discuss] Gathering node/fs statistics ?

Sven Oehme oehmes at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 20:15:16 GMT 2014


you should take a look at the following 3 links :

my performance talk about GPFS , take a look at the dstat plugin mentioned
in the charts :


documentation about the mmpmon interface and use in GPFS :


documentation about GSS/ESS/GNR in case you care about this as well and its
additional mmpmon commands :



On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 11:35 AM, Jan-Frode Myklebust <janfrode at tanso.net>

> I'm considering writing a Performance CoPilot agent (PMDA, Performance
> Metrics Domain Agent) for GPFS, and would like to collect all/most of
> the metrics that are already available in the gpfs SNMP agent -- ideally
> without using SNMP..
> So, could someone help me with where to find GPFS performance data? I've
> noticed "mmfsadm" has a "resetstats" option, but what are these stats /
> where can I find them? All in mmpmon?
> Also the GPFS-MIB.txt seems to point at some commands I'm unfamiliar
> with:
>         -- all other node data from EE "get nodes" command
>         -- Status info from EE "get fs -b" command
>         -- Performance data from mmpmon "gfis" command
>         -- Storage pool table comes from EE "get pools" command
>         -- Storage pool data comes from SDR and EE "get pools" command
>         -- Disk data from EE "get fs" command
>         -- Disk performance data from mmpmon "ds" command:
>         -- From mmpmon nc:
> Any idea what 'EE "get nodes"' is? And what do they mean by 'mmpmon
> "gfis"', "nc" or "ds"? These commands doesn't work when fed to mmpmon..
>    -jf
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