[gpfsug-discuss] gpfsug-discuss Digest, Vol 28, Issue 6

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan at buzzard.me.uk
Mon May 12 12:12:19 BST 2014

On Mon, 2014-05-12 at 10:46 +0800, Pavel Pokorny wrote:
> Hello,
> after discussion with Marc A Kaplan from IBM I finished with this
> solution. So I am sharing it with all other user just in case you need
> it in future.
> Example placement policy file:
> /* --- Enable .avi so it will not be denied by default --- */
> RULE 'enable_avi' SET POOL 'data' FOR FILESET (nfsexport) WHERE
> RegEx(lower(name),['\.avi$'])
> /* --- Deny all following extensions --- */
> RULE 'deny_files' SET POOL 'system' FOR FILESET (nfsexport) WHERE
> RegEx(lower(name),['\.avi$|\.mp[ae1234]$|\.mpe?g[23]?$|\.eml$|\.idx$|
> \.mbo?x$|\.msg$|\.ost$|\.otf$|\.pab$|\.pst$|\.aac$|\.aif*$|\.as[fx]$|
> \.au$|\.flac$|\.m3u$|\.midi?$|\.mov$|\.ogg$|\.qtw?$|\.ram$|\.rmi?$|
> \.rmvb$|\.snd$|\.swf$|\.vob$|\.wa[vx]$|\.wm[av]$|\.wvx$|\.bmp$|\.dib$|
> \.eps$|\.gif$|\.img$|\.jfif$|\.jpe?g?$|\.pcx$|\.png$|\.psd?$|\.raw$|
> \.if$|\.spiff$|\.tif*$'])

To demonstrate why this is a wack-a-mole exercise, as a user of your
system I will just save in iPod friendly format, all my audio AAC
encoded in .m4a files, all my video H.264 encoded in .m4v files, and my
audiobooks in .m4b format :-)

I would further note that it is rather trivial to pick a random
extension say .sdf and associate that with just about any program, most
of which examine the contents of the file and don't rely on the

Further noting if you are continuing in your wack-a-mole exercise I
could use .divx which you have conveniently not blocked.

Finally being the resourceful sort I will just embed it all in a PDF, or
word document, or powerpoint, or ...

I don't know exactly what your customer is expecting, but this sounds
like a management idea, with little understanding of how things work in
the real world.


Jonathan A. Buzzard                 Email: jonathan (at) buzzard.me.uk
Fife, United Kingdom.

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