[gpfsug-discuss] GPFS Placement rules - group file extension?

Pavel Pokorny pavel.pokorny at datera.cz
Fri May 9 10:15:54 BST 2014

our customer would like to deny some of the file extensions (.mp3, .avi,
...) to be stored on GPFS FS. Is there any way to deny some of the
Right now we only find the solution to make a placement rule that directs
the files to metadataonly storage pool.

This leads me to second question. Is there any easy way to make a group of
extension (some type of templates) for placement rules? Because there is a
lot of extensions, customer would like to deny, and the placement rules
files start to grow :-(.

Thank you very much for your ideas and answers.

Ing. Pavel Pokorný
DATERA s.r.o. | Ovocný trh 580/2 | Praha | Czech Republic
www.datera.cz | Mobil: +420 602 357 194 | E-mail: pavel.pokorny at datera.cz
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