[gpfsug-discuss] ADIOI_Set_lock:: No locks available

Grace Tsai gtsai at slac.stanford.edu
Mon Jun 9 20:01:54 BST 2014


One user submitted the following ticket:


I have encountered problems of writing to a gpfs directory. The error 
message is as follows.

File locking failed in ADIOI_Set_lock(fd 11,cmd F_SETLKW/7,type 
F_WRLCK/1,whence 0) with return value FFFFFFFF and errno 25.
If the file system is NFS, you need to use NFS version 3, ensure that 
the lockd daemon is running on all the machines, and mount the directory 
with the 'noac' option (no attribute caching).
ADIOI_Set_lock:: No locks available
ADIOI_Set_lock:offset 0, length 92


Any idea why he got this problem?


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