[gpfsug-discuss] GPFS AFM experience

Barry Evans bevans at pixitmedia.com
Fri Jul 4 16:07:51 BST 2014

Hi Tom,

Couple of quick ones:

Do you know what the latency and line distance is likely to be? What's 
the rated bandwidth on the line? Is the workload at the 'local' site 
fairly mixed in terms of reads/writes? What is the kernel version on the 
current cluster?


> Tom King <mailto:t.king at qmul.ac.uk>
> 1 July 2014 17:39
> Hi
> I've recently adopted a small two node GPFS cluster which is likely to 
> be relocated to an off-site datacentre in the near future and I'm 
> concerned that latency times are going to be impacted for on-site users.
> My reading of AFM is that an Independent Writer cache held on-site 
> could mitigate this and was wondering whether anybody had any 
> experience of using AFM caches in this manner.
> Thanks
> Tom King

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