[gpfsug-discuss] GPFS UG 10 RFE Questionnaire Results available

Jez Tucker (Chair) chair at gpfsug.org
Thu Jul 31 00:53:31 BST 2014

Hello all

   The GPFS UG 10 Survey results have been compiled and are now 
available in a handy PDF.

Please see: 

Each of the survey questions has been entered as an RFE on the IBM GPFS 
Request for Enhancement site. (http://goo.gl/1K6LBa)

On the RFE site you can vote any RFE you think has merit - or submit 
additional RFEs yourself.
If you do submit an additional RFE, let us known on the mailing list so 
we can chip in accordingly.

We actively encourage you to discuss the RFEs on list.

Best regards to all

Jez (Chair) & on behalf of Claire (Secretary)

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