[gpfsug-discuss] Metadata block size

Asgeir Storesund Nilsen asgeir at twingine.no
Tue Feb 11 17:23:18 GMT 2014


I want to create a file system with 16MB for data blocks and 256k for
metadata blocks.  Under filesystem version 13.01 ( this worked just
fine, even when upgrading GPFS later.

However, for a filesystem created with version 13.23 (, if I
specify both data and metadata block sizes, the metadata block size applies
for both.  If I do not specify metadata block size, the data block size
(-B) is used for both.

This has a detrimental impact on our metadataOnly NSDs, as they fill up
pretty quickly.

Are any of you aware of updates / bugs in GPFS that might help explain and
alleviate this issue?  Any hints would be appreciated.

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