[gpfsug-discuss] GPFS and Lustre

Frank Kraemer kraemerf at de.ibm.com
Sat Aug 9 15:03:02 BST 2014

Vic, Sergi,

from my point of view for real High-End workloads the complete I/O stack
needs to be fine tuned and well understood in order to provide a good
system to the users.

- Application(s)
+ I/O Lib(s)
+ Parallel Filesystem (e.g. GPFS)
+ Hardware (Networks, Servers, Disks, etc.)

One of the best solutions to bring your application very efficently to work
with a Parallel FS is Sionlib from FZ Juelich:

Sionlib is a scalable I/O library for the parallel access to task-local
files. The library not only supports writing and reading binary data to or
from from several thousands of processors into a single or a small number
of physical files but also provides for global open and close functions to
access SIONlib file in parallel. SIONlib provides different interfaces:
parallel access using MPI, OpenMp, or their combination and sequential
access for post-processing utilities.



P.S. Nice blog from Nils


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