[gpfsug-discuss] Multipath configurations

Orlando Richards orlando.richards at ed.ac.uk
Mon Sep 16 16:25:26 BST 2013

Hi folks,

We're building a new storage service and are planning on using 
multipathd rather than LSI's rdac to handle the multipathing.

It's all working well, but I'm looking at settling on the final 
parameters for the multipath.conf. In particular, the values for:

  * rr_min_io (1?)
  * failback (I think "manual" or "followover"?)
  * no_path_retry (guessing here - fail?)
  * dev_loss_tmo (guessing here - 15?)
  * fast_io_fail_tmo (guessing here - 10?)

Does anyone have a working multipath.conf for LSI based storage systems 
(or others, for that matter), and/or have experience and wisdom to share 
on the above settings (and any others I may have missed?). Any war 
stories about dm-multipath to share?

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