[gpfsug-discuss] Copying ACLs from outside sources

Pete Smith pete at realisestudio.com
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Hi, and welcome, Jonathan.

Which combination of -A and -X rsync options did you use?


On 2 October 2013 21:44, Fosburgh,Jonathan <jfosburg at mdanderson.org> wrote:
> Hello, I'm new to this list, as well as GPFS.
> We have new (installed over the last 6 weeks) GPFS cluster that we are
> currently trying to get into service.  The NSDs are running on Red Hat (6
> NSDs), the storage is DCS3700 directly attached via SAS.  We are running
> Some of the data that will be placed on this cluster will be existing data
> coming from other sources, one of which is our NAS (Isilon, supporting both
> NFS and CIFS).  We have tried a few different ways of copying the data.
> First we tried to rsync directly between an NSD and one of the Isilon nodes.
> Unfortunately, it appears the rsync doesn't work with the ACL format used on
> the Isilon.  We have also tried using various methods of copying data via
> CIFS, but we continue to have no luck getting ACLs to copy.  We know that,
> for instance, copying data via CIFS into the Isilon using robocopy will
> preserve the ACLs, and we were hoping that would work for getting data onto
> GPFS as well.  However, the ACLs are being stripped and replaced with
> whatever ACL is present on GPFS.  Does anyone have experience doing
> something like that who can give me some pointers on what my configuration
> should look like? I assume there are samba and/or GPFS parameters that need
> to be tweaked in order to make this work, especially since this
> functionality would have to be present in SONAS.
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