[gpfsug-discuss] Who uses TSM to archive HSMd data (inline) ?

Jez Tucker Jez.Tucker at rushes.co.uk
Fri Mar 1 09:56:39 GMT 2013

AFAIK it does not do inline for backups. I may be entirely wrong. It might depend on our setup.

It definitely does for archive, which is where we are seeing our issue.

That said, it looks at present like a memory allocation bug which the deb team are working on fixing.

We're limited to filelists no bigger than 4000 files at present as a work around.

I was looking to archive 195K files so you can imagine how inefficient that is.

Let me drag out the actual reference doc when I get into work.

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I really hope this isn’t a problem as I will want to end up doing this.

Does it do in-line copy when you backup TSM HSMd data using TSM? Surely it does?

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Hello all,

  I have to ask Does anyone else do this?

We have a problem and I’m told that “it’s so rare that anyone would archive data which is HSMd”.

I.E. to create an archive whereby a project is entirely or partially HSMd to LTO

-          online data is archived to tape

-          offline data is copied from HSM tape to archive tape ‘inline’

Surely nobody pulls back all their data to disk before re-archiving back to tape?

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