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Hey Sandra,

   The mmdynamicmap is used when auto-mounting GPFS on a node the GPFS 
software installed (see also /var/mmfs/gen/mmIndirectMap when gpfs -A is 
set to 'automount'.)

For NFS clients, I like autofs a lot.
There are two types of map, hence an example for each:

Direct maps

/etc/auto.master, add the line:
/-    /etc/auto.gpfsnfs

/etc/auto.gpfsnfs, add the line:
/path/to/mountpoint    -fstype=nfs,nfsvers=3 

Indirect Maps

For home directories, you can mount them using an indirect map so as to 
only mount the logged in user's home directory.
(or mount them all, using a direct map for their containing folder)

/etc/auto.master, add the line:
/path/to/homedirsmount    /etc/auto.homedirs

/etc/auto.homedirs, add the line:
*        homeserver:/path/to/homedirs/&

Test in a sandpit.

I would imagine you might need to make sure that your NFS mount point 
reflects the same path as on a GPFS client/server.

Once you're happy this works, you can push out the maps from your 
ldap/puppet/other service.

I'm sure other folks also have their methods, chime in.



On 11/07/13 12:24, McLaughlin, Sandra M wrote:
> Hi,
> I would just like some opinions on the best way to serve a gpfs file 
> system to server/workstations which are not directly connected to the 
> storage.
> Background: We are in the process of moving from old storage (approx 
> 20TB);  lots of filesystems -- JFS2 on AIX with HACMP. served out with 
> NFS to a linux cluster and about 150 linux workstations and random 
> other servers; to new storage (approx 250TB); 2 gpfs filesystems, 
> Linux NSDs, using ctdb for NFS and Samba. We have also installed a 
> server for TSM, which is SAN connected to the gpfs, and have some new 
> compute servers which are also on the SAN, and therefore have pretty 
> good performance.
> Should I still use the automounter ?  Different maps or symbolic links 
> to emulate the automounter names for the servers that are directly 
> SAN-connected gpfs clients ? /home//username/ or whatever has to work 
> on all  systems.
> I found a bit in the gpfs problem determination guide suggesting that there is a way to use an automounter program map for gpfs (/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmdynamicmap)but I can't find any other documentation about it.
> I would really like to hear how other people with a similar setup are doing this.
> Thanks, Sandra.
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