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The pithy ruminations from Pete Smith on 
<[gpfsug-discuss] green drives> were:
=> Even more mental ... anyone using green drives in their lowest HD tier?
=> I've used them in a Nexsan with MAID capability, for nearline, and
=> they were fine for this purpose, but I wouldn't expect them to sit
=> happily in GPFS.  

Why not?

We use an older Nexsan SATAboy, with MAID capability, as the slowest
tier in our GPFS environment.

GPFS doesn't know (or care) that the Nexsan hardware shuts down and spins
up the disks on request--that's all hidden from the filesystem layer,
except for a longer latency on some IO requests if the platters aren't
spinning, there's nothing visible as far as GPFS is concerned.


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