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I would just like some opinions on the best way to serve a gpfs file
system to server/workstations which are not directly connected to the


Background: We are in the process of moving from old storage (approx
20TB);  lots of filesystems - JFS2 on AIX with HACMP. served out with
NFS to a linux cluster and about 150 linux workstations and random other
servers; to new storage (approx 250TB); 2 gpfs filesystems, Linux NSDs,
using ctdb for NFS and Samba. We have also installed a server for TSM,
which is SAN connected to the gpfs, and have some new compute servers
which are also on the SAN, and therefore have pretty good performance. 


Should I still use the automounter ?  Different maps or symbolic links
to emulate the automounter names for the servers that are directly
SAN-connected gpfs clients ? /home/username or whatever has to work on
all  systems.

I found a bit in the gpfs problem determination guide suggesting that
there is a way to use an automounter program map for gpfs
(/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/mmdynamicmap) but I can't find any other
documentation about it. 
I would really like to hear how other people with a similar setup are
doing this.
Thanks, Sandra.


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