[gpfsug-discuss] Strange performance issue on interface nodes

Fosburgh,Jonathan jfosburg at mdanderson.org
Thu Dec 19 17:00:17 GMT 2013

This morning we started getting complaints that NFS mounts from our GPFS filesystem were hanging.  After investigating I found that our interface nodes (we have 2) had load averages over 800, but there was essentially no CPU usage (>99% idle).  I rebooted the nodes, which restored service, but in less than an hour the load averages have already climbed higher than 70. I have no waiters:

[root at d1prpstg2nsd2 ~]# mmlsnode -N waiters -L 2>/dev/null
[root at d1prpstg2nsd2 ~]#

I also have a lot of nfsd and smbd processes in a 'D' state.  One of my interface servers also shows the following processes:
root     29901  0.0  0.0 105172   620 ?        D<   10:03   0:00 touch /rsrch1/cnfsSharedRoot/.ha/recovery/
root     30076  0.0  0.0 115688   860 ?        D    10:03   0:00 ls -A -I *.tmp /rsrch1/cnfsSharedRoot/.ha/recovery/

Those processes have been running almost an hour.

The cluster is running GPFS 3.5.12, there are 6 NSD servers and 2 interface servers.

Does anyone have thoughts as to what is going on?
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