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Since this is my first note to the group, I'll introduce myself first.  I
am Lindsay Todd, a Systems Programmer at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's
Center for Computational Innovations, where I run a 1.2PiB GPFS cluster
serving a Blue Gene/Q and a variety of Opteron and Intel clients, run an
IBM Watson, and serve as an adjunct faculty.  I also do some freelance
consulting, including GPFS, for several customers.

One of my customers is needing to serve GPFS storage through both NFS and
Samba; they have GPFS 3.5 running on RHEL5 (not RHEL6) servers.  I did not
set this up for them, but was called to help fix it.  Currently they export
NFS using cNFS; I think we have that straightened out server-side now.
 Also they run Samba on several of the servers; I'm sure the group will not
be surprised to hear they experience file corruption and other strange

I've been pushing them to use Samba-CTDB, and it looks like it will happen.
 Except, I've never used this myself.  So this raises a couple questions:

1) It looks like RHEL5 bundles in an old version of CTDB. Should that be
used, or would we be better with a build from the Enterprise Samba site, or
even a build from source?

2) Given that CTDB can also run NFS, what are people who need both finding
works best: run both cNFS + Samba-CTDB, or let CTDB run both?  It seems to
me that if I let CTDB run both, I only need a single floating IP address
for each server, while if I also use cNFS, I will want a floating address
for both NFS and Samba, on each server.

Thanks for the help!

R. Lindsay Todd, PhD
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