[gpfsug-discuss] Test cluster - some questions

Pete Smith pete at realisestudio.com
Thu Apr 25 10:38:07 BST 2013

Hi all

Good to see lots of you at the user group meeting yesterday. Great work,

We're setting up a test cluster here at Realise, with a view to moving our
main storage over from Gluster.

We're running the test cluster on Isilon hardware ... a couple of 1920
nodes that we were using for home dirs. Each node has dual gigabit ethernet
ports, and dual infiniband ports. Single dual-core Xeon proc and and 4GB
RAM. All good stuff and should make a nice test rig.

I have a few questions!

1.  We're on centos6.4.x86_64. What's the easiest way to go from 3.3.blah
to 3.5?
2.  I'm having trouble assigning NSDs. I have a descfile which looks like:


but the command

"mmcrnsd -F /tmp/descfile -v no"

just craps out with

mmcrnsd: Processing disk sdc1
mmcrnsd: Node gpfs001.realisestudio.com does not have a GPFS server license
mmcrnsd: Error found while checking disk descriptor
mmcrnsd: Command failed.  Examine previous error messages to determine

Any help pointing me gently in the right direction would be much
appreciated. :-)


Pete Smith
DevOp/System Administrator
Realise Studio
12/13 Poland Street, London W1F 8QB
T. +44 (0)20 7165 9644

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