[gpfsug-discuss] Samba 3.6 and the Windows 'O' attribtute

Barry Evans bevans at canditmedia.co.uk
Thu Sep 27 18:49:13 BST 2012


Having a little problem with samba at the moment with the gpfs vfs module loaded. In *every* version of enterprise samba 3.6, when browsing folders in windows explorer a good chunk of the files will come back incorrectly with the 'O' attribute (which is offline - you see this quite often when files have been migrated by HSM off to tape, but there isn't any HSM here). 

I have also been through every version of GPFS from 3.4.0-10 up to 3.5.0-3 to make sure it's not actually GPFS causing this. With each version, the behaviour is perfect in enterprise samba 3.5.18.

if you prevent the gpfs vfs module from loading in samba, the problem also disappears.

Anyone else run into this?


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