[gpfsug-discuss] GPFS + RDMA + Ethernet (RoCE/iWARP)

Jez Tucker Jez.Tucker at rushes.co.uk
Wed May 30 08:28:01 BST 2012

Hello all

  I've been having a pootle around ye olde Internet in a coffee break and noticed that RDMA over Ethernet exists.


Has anyone had any experience of using this?  (even outside GPFS)

I know GPFS supports RDMA with Infiniband, but unsure as to RoCE / iWARP support.
It suddenly occurred to me that I have 10Gb Brocade VDX switches with DCB & PFC and making things go faster is great.

Perhaps the HPC crowd do this, but only via IB?


Jez Tucker
Senior Sysadmin

GPFSUG Chairman (chair at gpfsug.org)
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