[gpfsug-discuss] Stupid GPFS Tricks 2012 - Call for entries

Jez Tucker Jez.Tucker at rushes.co.uk
Fri May 18 15:57:18 BST 2012

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Hello GPFSUG peeps,

    Have you used GPFS to do something insanely wacky that the sheer craziness of would blow our minds?
Perhaps you've done something spectacularly stupid that turned out to be, well, just brilliant.
Maybe you used the GPFS API, policies or scripts to create a hack of utter awesomeness.

If so, then Stupid GPFS Tricks is for you.

The rules:

-          It must take no longer than 10 minutes to explain your stupid trick.

-          You must be able to attend the next UG at AWE.

-          All stupid tricks must be submitted by Aug 31st 2012.

Entries should be submitted to secretary at gpfsug.org<mailto:secretary at gpfsug.org> with the subject "Stupid GPFS Trick".
A short description of your trick and any associated Powerpoint/OO/etc. slides is required or point us to a URL.



[This event idea has been shamelessly robbed from the Pixar UG.  Thanks folks!]

Jez Tucker
Senior Sysadmin

GPFSUG Chairman (chair at gpfsug.org)
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