[gpfsug-discuss] Your GPFS O/S support?

Luke Raimbach luke.raimbach at oerc.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jun 25 15:22:20 BST 2012

We have:

2 Physical Linux GPFS NSD servers (IBM),
4 Physical VMware ESXi servers (target the cNFS GPFS shares as datastores) (HP)
5 Virtual Machines with native GPFS clients,
1 Virtual Windows 2008R2 with native GPFS client,
Approx 30 Linux machines targeting cNFS re-exported from 4 of the Linux VMs is a separate cNFS failure group,
Approx 20 Desktops using the Windows 2008R2 server shares of the same file system,

Centrify stitches the whole lot together and keeps UID/GID maps neat and tidy and consistent with our Active Directory,

10GbE at the back end for GPFS node communications,
1GbE for exporting to other servers / desktops in our building.

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  How many of you run Windows, Linux and OS X as clients (GPFS/NFS/CIFS), in any configuration?

Jez Tucker
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