[gpfsug-discuss] NTP leap-second can take out GPFS server - it just has

Jonathan Buzzard j.buzzard at dundee.ac.uk
Mon Jul 2 14:59:33 BST 2012

On 02/07/12 14:03, Jez Tucker wrote:
> Just had a lovely one.
> As I’m, sure all of you are aware by now, there’s been much fun with
> some of the NTP Stratum 1 servers not correctly accounting for the
> leap-seocnd last night.
> http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2167588/Leap-second-2012-Websites-crash-time-hiccup-caused-online-chaos.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/9369671/Leap-second-brings-down-top-websites.html
> You may wish to turn off ntp on your servers and correct your NTP to
> trusted servers.
> A clock skew from ntp.pool.org just took out one of our servers and the
> node was expelled from the cluster.

Hum, not sure I would run my production servers directly off something
from ntp.pool.org, I would at least put a local server in between.

Not notice any problems here, but then we are running latest RHEL 5.8
and latest IBM Storage Manager (10.83) :-)


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