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Martin Glassborow marting at storagebod.com
Wed Feb 22 18:25:24 GMT 2012

   I guess some people on the list might know who I am, my name is Martin
Glassborow and I look after the Broadcast Storage Team at Sky; we have a
variety of storage technologies but the core of our file-based workflow
(misnamed Tapeless) is GPFS and TSM but we don't use the ILM functionality;
the data movement is all controlled by the application.

But I'm also the storage blogger more commonly known as 'Storagebod' (
http://www.storagebod.com). I've had involvement with GPFS before it was
GPFS and it's now interesting to see it begin to push into areas of use
which could almost be called mainstream.

Like many, I believe that GPFS is probably IBM's best kept secret and it's
about time it was shown some real love and respect; I constantly tell some
of my peers out in the general IT market that they need GPFS; it'll solve a
huge number of their problems and that it trashes pretty every other
cluster file-system out there.

I also organise a non-regular event known as #storagebeers; it tends to be
in central London, although there are now #storagebeers all over the globe;
it's a chance for storage folk to get together, drink beer and swap tall
tales! It's vendor neutral and a sales-free zone; although vendors are
welcome and they are welcome to buy beers.

So that's me....

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