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Hi Chris,


I wasn't in Liverpool last week - but I am currently using CNFS on top
of GPFS. It seems to work OK, but I am not exactly pushing it, and I
have not rigorously tested the failover (I am only using it for a couple
of test scratch areas at the moment). It was very easy to setup (except
that since we do not run the DNS here at AZ, we couldn't get a round
robin DNS entry setup, so we have to explicitly point clients at one of
the servers). 


When I asked a couple of questions about CNFS at the GPFS users meeting
at Daresbury earlier this year, there were people who were using it, but
it seemed to me that the general consensus was that people preferred
using CTDB to get highly-available NFS and CIFS serving. I am just about
to take delivery of a new V7000 and new NSDs, so I plan to try out CTDB
with this.


Regards, Sandra.


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Hi All,


It was good to meet those of you who made it to the meeting in Liverpool
last week. 


Something I should have asked there but forgot is: has anyone tried CNFS
on top of GPFS?

(http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/redp4400.html )


If so, what are your thoughts?



Chris Edsall

IT Systems Manager

National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

+44 (0)23 8059 6034




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