[gpfsug-discuss] GPFS & VMware Workstation

Vic Cornell viccornell at gmail.com
Mon Aug 6 18:31:40 BST 2012

I do this on virtualbox a lot.

I use an OpenFiler VM to provide iSCSI targets to all of the VMs.

Works great as long as you dont actually put much data on it.

Not enough IOPS to go round.

It would run much better if I had an SSD.



On 6 Aug 2012, at 18:23, Jez Tucker <Jez.Tucker at rushes.co.uk> wrote:

> Has anyone managed to set this up?  (Completely unsupported)
> What sort of vmware disks did you use?
> I created lsilogic vmdks and could actually create do mmcrnsd.
> That said, mmcrfs fails as it can’t find the disks.
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