[gpfsug-discuss] Your GPFS O/S support?

Matthew Wallis mattw at vpac.org
Tue Aug 7 05:32:11 BST 2012

I know this question is a month or so old, but I figure this is a
ping to see if the list is still alive or not :-)
>  How many of you run Windows, Linux and OS X as clients
>  (GPFS/NFS/CIFS), in any configuration?
We have 2 small clusters of 42 nodes each, one of them is all Linux,
the other a mixture of Linux and Windows Server 2008R2 clients, and 
to make it more fun, we dual boot the client nodes.
4 NSDs running RHEL 6, in a GPFS cluster with the 42 compute nodes
running CentOS 5 and Windows Server.

4 Service nodes, 3 running CentOS 5, and 1 running Windows Server,
remote mounting the FS from the above cluster.

1 single host remote Windows Server remote mounting one of the FS for
streaming data capture from a camera.

1 occasional headache for me. 

Matthew Wallis, Systems Administrator
Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing.
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