[gpfsug-discuss] Storagepool and threshold migrations

Jez Tucker Jez.Tucker at rushes.co.uk
Thu Aug 2 10:37:00 BST 2012


  Wondering if anyone uses multiple stgpools under a namespace where all stgpools have thresholds attached.

Assume two storage pools A and B under namespace N.

If storage pool A hits a threshold then mmapplypolicy will be called to migrate stgpool A
However, whilst that is occurring, if stgpool B hits its threshold then same mmapplypolicy will be called.

Obviously, this can't work if you're using--single-instance or a file locking method to stop the policy being applied every 2 mins due to the lowDiskSpace event.

How do you handle this?
Move any migration logic out of the main 'running policy' and change the callback to --parms "%eventName %fsName %storagePool" with locking on a per stgpool basis?

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