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AUTHOR: Kristy Kallback-Rose (USA Principal)

Independent Spectrum Scale (GPFS) User Group

Spectrum Scale Users Group at Supercomputing - November 2016

First off, your feedback, please! If you were at the event, please give us feedback here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SSUGSC16 We’ve only heard from 9 attendees so far, and there were a lot more of you there :-). The slides should be available soon here: http://www.spectrumscale.org/presentations/ Kicking Things Off This was the second year for a Spectrum Scale Users Group meeting at SC. To start things off Doris Conti…

Spectrum Scale Users Group Argonne National Lab - June 2016

MidWest Users Group Event Many thanks to Argonne National Lab (ANL) for hosting our recent Spectrum Scale Users Group Event. It’s nice to have an event in the MidWest given the geography spread in the US. Bob Oesterlin kicked things off with a social event Thursday night so some of us could share stories prior to the actual UG day. Friday morning was focused on IBM presentations and the majority of the afternoon went to…